Continuing a tradition born in 1987, the UNLV Rebel Golf Foundation honors an individual, group of individuals or an organization each year for their generous support of the program.

The title of “Honored Member” goes to those whose dedication furthers UNLV’s goals of maintaining a championship-caliber team. As Coach Knight calls them, they are those who go above and beyond what a general supporter of the program would.

2019 Honored Member – Steve Spatafore

Steve Spatafore is used to taking photos of Rebel Golf Foundation Day, as he has for the last three decades. But on Monday, Nov. 18, 2019, the lens was aimed at him when he accepted the UNLV Golf Foundation Honored Member Award. Spatafore has volunteered to take UNLV photos for more than 25 years and has captured the heart and soul of the program during that time. “Steve is a legend,” says UNLV assistant coach Philip Rowe.

2018 Honored Member – Guy Hudson

Guy Hudson is our 2018 Honored Member. We thank him for his enthusiastic support over many years as well as the generous support that he and his good friend R.T. Smith brought to our foundation in 2017-18.

2017 Honored Member – Jim Bianco

The Rebels’ 2017 honored member was Jim Bianco, now a Rebel Golf Foundation board member. He has frequently traveled to away tournaments to watch the Rebels and been involved in other ways.

“Jim has been a longtime supporter of our program,” Knight said. “He has always had great enthusiasm and passion for young players. He is a great player, himself, and we are very proud to honor him.”

Bianco has served on numerous boards and committees in golf, including the Southern Nevada Golf Association. For the past eight years, he has served as the volunteer executive director of the United States Senior Challenge. The 30-year old organization conducts two major amateur senior events annually.

2016 Honored Member – Bill Fain

In 2016, the honored member was Bill Fain. He is one of the founding members of the Rebel Golf Foundation.

“Bill has been supportive of Rebel Golf from the first day I came to Las Vegas,” UNLV head coach Knight said. “He has also been one of the outstanding amateurs here over the  years. He has club champion at Desert Inn and also the Las Vegas Country Club. He is not only a very good player, but has been a real supporter of the program for many, many years. We are so appreciative of his consistent work to help our program become one of the best in the nation. We are very proud to honor him.”

2015 Honored Member – Ken Gardner

The Rebels’ 2015 Honored Member is Ken Gardner. He is the president of 8108, Inc., an engineering and systems consulting firm. He has also been a foundation board member and past president of the Las Vegas Founders Club in addition to an executive board member of the UNLV Rebel Golf Foundation. “Ken has made outstanding contributions to the Rebel Golf Foundation, UNLV head coach Dwaine Knight said. “He has a keen eye for building a program to the highest level and has worked hard to create resources for our new team room and expanded website. His contributions toward making our program all it is today are immeasurable. We are very proud to honor Ken.”

2014 Honored Member – Jerry Savio

The Rebels’ 2014 Honored Member was Jerry Savio.

“As a member of our board, Jerry has worked tirelessly to increase our membership and he took the lead on making sure we were able to finish our Rebel golf team room this year,” UNLV head coach Dwaine Knight said. “That is an important addition to our program – again keeping it among the best in the country. We are very proud to honor Jerry Savio for all of his contributions to the program.

All-Time Honored Members