Every year, the tournament staff and Rebel Golf Program are indebted to it’s rules officials and volunteers who ensure the smooth running of this event.

I would like to thank all of our outstanding volunteers who contributed to the successful hosting of the 2018 Southern Highlands Collegiate. Your efforts made our tournament the “class” of all college golf tournaments in the nation! Every year we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm which makes for a special week. –Coach Dwaine Knight, Hall of Fame Golf Coach

Many of you spend long hours recording player scores.

Others transported players between greens and tees.

A big thank you to our starters: Dick Calvert (Voice of the Rebels) and John Saccenti. Here is John Saccenti from 2016.

A significant proportion of our volunteer personnel came from UNLV’s very own PGA PGM Program. Thank you to Dr. Chris Cain, Kendall Murphy and Kyle Helms for supporting the event and encouraging participation from your excellent students.

Several volunteers are also members of our Rebel Golf Foundation.

And the Southern Nevada Golf Association is also a huge supporter of the tournament.

We appreciate all of you for what you do to support our program!


If you are interested in volunteering in next year’s tournament, please reach out to us: golf@unlv.edu

We welcome volunteers for 2019 and you can contact us at the below for more info. We will update everything soon!

We welcome volunteers for the 2019 Southern Highlands Collegiate. They are the heart and soul of the tournament, one of the top events in all of college golf. See below how you can get involved and/or email Kathleen Williamson at kathleen.williamson@unlv.edu or call 702-895-1081.

Happy New Year! UNLV and Southern Highlands Golf Club are looking forward to hosting the 2018 Southern Highlands Collegiate and invite you to be part of this annual event.   Enclosed is your Volunteer Registration Card.  The Tournament will be held at Southern Highlands Golf Club Sunday, March 3, Monday, March 4 and Tuesday, March 5. We’re looking forward to welcoming a strong field, with UNLV hosting: Florida, Texas Tech, Southern California, TCU, Stanford, Cal, Auburn, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Pepperdine, UCLA, UCF and Georgia Tech.

The Volunteer positions are:  Score Reporting:  Stationed on a hole with a cell phone and registering scores; Shuttles:  Shuttling players from green to tee on several holes.  Volunteer Services (Transportation):  Shuttling volunteers to their holes, delivering lunches & beverages. Scoreboards: Posting scores on the scoreboards located in front of the Clubhouse, at 6 and at 14. Two people are assigned to each scoreboard.  We do our best to assign you to your requested position but ask you to be flexible. Coffee, donuts and a box lunch will be provided. Volunteers will also receive a Southern Highlands Collegiate sweatshirt. If you have any friends interested in volunteering please have them contact us at the UNLV Men’s Golf Office 702-895-1081.

It is through your participation that we are able to sponsor these events. Thank you for volunteering and we look forward to working with you again. Please complete and return your Volunteer Card asap. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kathy Williamson at the UNLV Men’s Golf Office, 702-895-1081 or email: kathleen.williamson@unlv.edu.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Southern Highlands Golf Club

1 Robert Trent Jones Ln

Las Vegas, NV. 89141

Phone: (702) 263-1000