Thank You to Volunteers at the 2016 Southern Highlands Collegiate

Every year, the tournament staff and Rebel Golf Program are indebted to it’s rules officials and volunteers who ensure the smooth running of this event.

I would like to thank all of our outstanding volunteers who contributed to the successful hosting of the 2016 Southern Highlands Collegiate. Your efforts made our tournament the “class” of all college golf tournaments in the nation! Every year we appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm which makes for a special week. –Coach Dwaine Knight, Hall of Fame Golf Coach

Many of you spend long hours recording player scores:

Others transported players between greens and tees.

A big thank you to our starters: Dick Calvert (Voice of the Rebels) and John Saccenti. Here is John announcing the first teetimes from the 10th tee in round 1:

A significant proportion of our volunteer personnel came from UNLV’s very own PGA PGM Program. Thank you to Dr. Chris Cain, Kendall Murphy and Kyle Helms for supporting the event and encouraging participation from your excellent students.


Several volunteers are also members of our Rebel Golf Foundation.

Reb Golf Fnd-CLR

We appreciate all of you for what you do to support our program!

If you are interested in volunteering in next year’s tournament, please reach out to us: